frequently asked questions

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. We have the proper licensing and insurance as required by the Illinois Commerce Commission. 527 East Capital Avenue, Springfield, Il 62701. We are MC #172921.

Do you take a deposit?


Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards.

Can I load the truck one day and have my goods delivered on a different day?

Yes. We will not off-load your goods for this time period.

Are there any “hidden charges”? Do you charge extra for any materials that are used by your movers on the day of the move, such as padding, shrink wrap, tape, or runners? Do you charge extra for stairs, elevators or excessive distances?

No. All of our moves are done by the hour plus any packing, crating or 3rd party services you wish to have performed. All of our pricing is inclusive of labor and materials.

Will I pay more for my move if I am “out of area”?

No. There is a travel charge of one half hour to and from the job site which is a fixed cost. The billable time for the move does not begin until we arrive at your home and it ends when we are finished and you sign off that the job is complete.

Is there a penalty to cancel or reschedule?

No. We do ask that you give us as much notification as possible, however, so that we may plan appropriately.

Is it a problem if I need a second pick-up or delivery?

No. You will only be charged by the hour to perform this service. There are no additional fees.

Is tipping required?

No. The movers will never ask for a tip, either.

If any damage occurs, what is the process for making a claim?

We do our best to give all of our customers a claim free moving experience, but if a claim needs to be made we have an online version of our claim form to expedite the claims process.

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